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Scar Expert, Anatomy Geek, Trusted Health Guide, Athletic Therapist


Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate, Philanthropist + Award-Winning Human Rights Activist

Kendra, originally from Winnipeg, Canada, is now based in Costa Rica and is passionate about facilitating a supportive health and healing process for embodiment and empowerment.

For over a decade, Kendra has taught her clients about the body and the importance of healing our relationship with our body, allowing for deeper energetic and spiritual healing.

Kendra is a university-trained Athletic Therapist specializing in scar tissue technologies that functionally rewire the nervous system, circulate the lymphatics and empowers women to move well, feel good again, and holistically heal their body and mind.

Kendra creates integrative online and in-person programs for women who have explanted and are ready to reclaim their body.

Shae is from Toronto, Canada and is now based full-time in Costa Rica. Shae is an Impact Entrepreneur: driven to money with a purpose that brings positive transformation and impact into people's lives.​

As a Wellness Advocate Shae educates on the importance of chemical-free living and removing the toxic loads from our body and life.​

In March 2022 Shae had Explant Surgery in Costa Rica and through her experience saw the lack of community, support, and healing tools for women after removing their breast implants. Shae wanted to create a space that women could safely gather to reclaim their body: mentally, emotionally and physically.

For 3 months I had the pleasure to work with Kendra on a weekly basis as I prepared for breast implant removal surgery in January 2023. 

I feel such gratitude for Kendra’s  intuitive, compassionate approach to her sessions with me, guiding me through both physical & energetic exercises for lymphatic fluid flow and scar tissue healing as well as offering resources for pre operative nutritional planning, physical strengthening, and emotional readiness. Kendra offered a balance of hands-on therapeutic body work during our sessions which I would then apply independently at home, as well as offering me therapeutic emotional and self-care support which I found equally beneficial as the physical therapies. Each session I was met with compassion and patience for my process. I felt cared for, seen, and supported professionally, with dignity, and encouragement. 

As I am not 2 weeks post op, and feeling triumphant, strong, proud, empowered, and restored, I dearly thank Kendra for standing by my side as a resource and comprehensive support in this profound journey! 

A.R. | Costa Rica


APRIL 11-18, 2023

Restore, Rejuvenate, Realign Your Body, Mind + Soul After Removing Your Breast Implants. Designed For You With Intentional Movement, Workshops, + Community

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